Resting ECG, X-ray, Electrocardiograph, Vivid E95, BioCon-900, Xmplar-dr, Vivid E9
Heart circulation diagnostics
Radiology (Medical Imaging), Anesthesia and Resuscitation, Neurology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Emergency Medicine, Cosmetic, Cardiac
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About us

Scanmed was formed with a view to build a strong presence in Medical equipment, consumables & disposables distribution in Singapore. Strong growth is being achieved through diversification, improved focus, customer education, staff training and concentration on improving operations management. Scanmed offers support for sales, applications & services addressing the Radiology, Cardiology, Surgery, Obstetric, Anesthesia, Oncology, Pediatric, Neonatologist, A&E, Neurology, OT & Critical Care Society communities of Singapore. Close links with the medical communities have been forged through direct involvement with participation in scientific meetings, workshops and seminars. The Healthcare business is a highly specialized service & technology oriented business. By concentrating our focus on the customer’s needs and surpassing them wherever possible, we are able to continue to lead the market within our area of specialization.