About MedBot
What is MedBot?
MedBot is a platform which seeks to improve business connectivity for companies in the medical device ecosystem. MedBot provides you the ease of simply searching a company / medical device and instantly connecting with them.
Why should I sign up with MedBot?
We currently have a growing portfolio of small and medium enterprises in the medical device ecosystem. We believe that with you coming on board, you'll be able to connect with businesses with ease, and likewise, businesses interested in your products / services will be able to connect with you.
Will MedBot ensure the legitimacy of its users?
Yes, legitimate companies are tagged with an orange “verified” label, indicating that the MedBot team has verified the following user.
Can I trust MedBot with sensitive information?
Yes, we do have a privacy policy in place hence rest assured that your information will not be shared with anyone outside of the MedBot team.
Is there a referral program available?
There is currently no referral programme in place. However, we welcome you to sign-up and subscribe to our ever-growing community of MedBot users and leverage upon our features to develop and expand your business.
Does MedBot have an app?
MedBot does not have an app at the moment, however our site is compatible with most mobile web browsers.
How do I sign up for a MedBot account?
It’s simple, click Join Uson the top right side of the home page, fill in the relevant information, hit Let’s go! and you’re done!
What are the charges for signing up?
There are no fees charged for signing up, most of the features on MedBot are also free of charge.
I’m not in the medical device industry, can I still open an account?
Yes you’re most welcome to join. MedBot is a platform that aims to connect businesses from around the world, and we have had companies such as trade associations and event organisers express interest in us. So, as long as you have some form of interest / relation to this industry, feel free to sign up with us.
How do I edit the information I put up on my profile?
Look out for the pencil icon located beside every title on your Company Profile.
Do I need to submit any documents to claim my business?
No documents are required to claim your business, however you will need to fill in the sign up form via Claim Your Business.
What should I do if someone else claimed my business?
In the event that someone else claimed your business, kindly contact our MedBot team with your verification documents—proof of Business Registration and company address. Our MedBot team will then assist you with the process.
How do I become a verified user?
We require a proof of Business Registration and company address, they can be uploaded in General Settings. Rest assured, documents sent to MedBot are kept confidential as per our privacy policy.
How long will the verification process take?
The process usually takes up to 14 business days.
How can I change from Individual account to Business account and vice versa?
Kindly contact the MedBot team at to do the changes.
What are the various types of user accounts available?
Business account:
Create a business account if you represent a company. Business account allows you to add multiple users to manage your company’s chat collaboratively.

Individual account:
Create an individual account if you are not representing any company. E.g. doctors, freelancers, consultants. Individual account users will not be able to add multiple users for managing of chats.
Sub-account Admin
What is the purpose of sub-account admin?
This is to allow multiple users to manage and gain access to the same company chat. Sub-account admin will have access to both individual’s chat as well as company’s chat.
How do I add and manage sub-account administrators?
Super admin of company profile can add sub-account administrator for your company at General Settings > Account Administration.
Can I add a business account user to be the sub-account admin of my company?
Only Individual account users can be added as sub-account admin of a company. Therefore, if you are a business account user you would have to change your account to Individual account by contacting MedBot team at
Why are new conversations automatically created as a group chat?
MedBot is a Business-to-Business platform for companies to connect and communicate. Hence we want to encourage an open environment for users to communicate.
Can I chat individually with a person?
We’re in the midst of adding improvements to the chat interface, such as being able to add / remove people into conversations. We seek your patience and understanding.
Will there be a call / video option available?
Yes, we’re in the midst of adding improvements. We seek your patience and understanding.
MedBot Feature
What is MedBot Feature?
MedBot Feature is a form of advertising for users to feature their company, products or new product launches. In celebration of our launch, this feature is free of charge for a limited period.
What are the charges for MedBot Feature?
In celebration of the launch of our site, we have enabled all MedBot Featureservices to be free of charge for a limited period.
What is MedBot Featured Companies?
We have a special area to showcase featured companies to all targeted MedBot users on the home page. Click here to have your company featured on MedBot.
What is MedBot Featured Products?
We have a special area to showcase featured products to all targeted MedBot users on the home page. Click here to have your product featured on MedBot.
What is MedBot Product Launch?
Have a new product to launch? Select the Product Launch button before publishing your product. This product will appear in Product Launch section under the Product tab of your Company Profile as well as on the Featured Products section on the home page.
How many features can I make?
Each user is able to feature a combination of up to 5 items —Featured company, Featured product(s) or Product launch(es).
What is the expiration date of my MedBot Feature?
Each feature will last for 7 days.
How much does it cost to place my advertisement on the website?
We’re currently arranging and engaging the services of GoogleAds, for more information click here.
How can I contact MedBot?
You can write to us at with your enquiries. We would love to help.
Who can I contact regarding investing in MedBot?
Kindly write in to to enquire about investing in MedBot.